Independent Governance Partnerships is a contemporary professional services firm supporting CEOs, Chairs, Directors, Senior Executives and Company/Board Secretaries with their local or international governance program of work and priorities.

Based on a foundation of practical work experiences and proven success with reputable local and international brands, our local and international core services include:

We pride ourselves in serving successful CEOs, Chairs, Directors, Senior Executives and Company/Board Secretaries who build their legacy within organisations through strategy development, risk mitigation, embedding cultural change and building capacity for leadership.

At IG Partnerships, we empower leaders to achieve success by:

  • helping Directors attain the knowledge, skills and experience they need to fulfil their role
  • designing, reviewing and embedding fit-for-purpose governance policies, procedures and governance frameworks
  • improving Board dynamics to enhance decision making; and
  • fostering appropriate dynamics between the Board and the Executive Team.

Preparing for an IPO

7 Jun,2019

A highly recommended reading for Boards preparing for an IPO listing in Australia.

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