Our Core Services

Governance services to local and international subsidiaries, joint ventures, principal-agent relationships

For local and international Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures and Principal-Agent relationships

We offer an Independent Board Governance Officer service to support Subsidiary and Joint Venture Boards (incorporated and unincorporated) to develop, maintain and improve their own Board governance framework whilst being aligned to their Owner/s interests.

We act as the Independent Board Governance Officer, an objective facilitator supporting Boards to cultivate trust and value for their owner’s investment.

As globalisation continues and technological innovation disrupts traditional business models alongside market competition, we believe that Subsidiaries, Joint Venture Alliances and Principal-Agent relationships will increasingly become a critical part of a thriving global business landscape.

At IG Partnerships, we are equipped to support CEOs, Business Leaders, Boards and Company Secretaries to pursue foreign investments within an effective governance framework that will enable them to:

  • to access a new market, particularly emerging markets
  • gain scale efficiencies by combining assets and operations
  • share risk for major investments or projects; and
  • access new skills and capabilities.

Leveraging our independence of mind and objectivity, we advocate a Board culture of openness, trust and mutual respect.

IG Partnerships works actively with the Owner/s, Chair, CEO, Business Leaders and the Board to establish an effective governance framework; define clear roles and responsibilities; draw upon diverse talents and perspectives; and generate Boardroom discussions that are relevant and robust.

As a result of our global knowledge and practical work experiences with international company/corporate secretary practices, we are able to work with both local and international companies.

Governance Services for:
IPO readiness
Corporatisation of Private/Family business
Preparation and Post-Deal integration and support for Mergers and Acquisitions

IPO Readiness

Getting ready for an IPO is an exciting and challenging journey for any leadership group. Careful thought, sound judgements and objectivity are some important attributes required by the team as they embark on the IPO pathway.

IG Partnerships offers a tailored Governance service to help you and your team to design, prepare, establish and commence operating your Company’s Board and Committee structures, processes and controls.

Corporatisation of Private/Family Business

Probably the most emotional decision for an entrepreneur to make!
IG Partnerships will help you through this process.

At IG Partnerships we respect the courage, the hard work and risks you have undertaken to create a successful business that can be passed onto the next generation of leaders and represent your legacy.

We approach each private/family business differently by customising our Governance services to intimately support you, at your pace, on our Corporatisation journey.

Preparing for a Merger or Acquisition Transaction and Post-Deal Integration

We have participated in successful transactions and understand the importance and complexity of preparing for a transaction whilst maintaining business as usual activities. In collaboration with the Merger and Acquisition team and Management, as an active participant, we tailor our Governance service to our client’s specific needs during the preparation, implementation and post-deal day phases.

To assist our clients to improve the speed to execute a merger or acquisition transaction, at IG Partnerships we partner with your project team to prepare and support the Governance stream of work.

Post-deal integration is a complex but vital time for any investment. With “failure to effectively integrate” and “achieving cultural fit” key causes for concern for Directors and CFOs, we at IG Partnerships will share our many years of work experiences to enable your post-deal day outcomes.

Accidental Company/Board Secretary and Chairman’s Office support services

Designed to collaborate with the Accidental Company/Board Secretary and Chairman’s Office on Governance projects

Our independent and professional services are focused on assisting the Accidental Company/Board Secretary and the Chairman’s Office with designing, maintaining and improving the Board’s program of work and priority Board projects.

Our Chairman’s Office services include independent assistance with preparing for and undertaking Board reviews as well as addressing Board review findings. Our clients benefit from this partner model by leveraging our independent mind-set, extensive global experiences, fresh perspectives, mature thinking and our personal touch.

Our services also include:

  • independent Board meeting facilitation/attendance
  • Chairman office specific projects
  • independent (resident) Director and Sub-committee Board representation
  • outsourced company secretary services

Directors’ Notice Board

Preparing for an IPO

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